Hawkins Engineering
1813 Springfield Road, Moss Landing, CA 95039
Phone (831) 761-7400 – Fax (831) 761-7401

Hawkins Engineering is a firm dedicated to providing high quality, responsible and economical engineering services for the fresh produce cooling and freezing industries since 1993. Our approach toward any project is both practical and flexible in order to meet each client’s specific needs in the most efficient manner possible.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff of engineering, CADD, and clerical professionals handle all refrigeration design and facility development work in-house. In addition, we draw on our outside resources including architects, structural, civil and electrical engineers to complete the package.

Areas of Expertise:

  • industrial refrigeration
  • post harvest cooling, storage and handling
  • facility design and development
  • food processing and packaging
  • project management
  • food freezing and freeze-drying
  • controls and automation

Services Provided:

  • design of refrigeration systems and custom components
  • project development and budgeting
  • turn-key facility design and project management
  • consultation
  • system analysis and troubleshooting
  • technical support and training
  • code compliance technical support and negotiation
  • energy conservation studies

Business Philosophy:

Our goal at Hawkins Engineering is to provide businesses with high value technical services that will increase their bottom-line profitability, meet growth needs and cope effectively with changing business climates and regulatory requirements. As an advocate of “appropriate technology”, Hawkins Engineering utilizes only technologies that fit the customer’s needs, providing a good return on investments, while avoiding “overkill”.

We believe that good communication, maintaining professional integrity, and avoiding conflicts of interest are essential in bringing about successful results. It is our objective to create long-term relationships with our clients by making customer satisfaction the top priority.

Turn-key Facility Design and Project Management:

Because of our unique combination of abilities and expertise in the areas of industrial refrigeration, refrigerated facility design, and post harvest handling requirements, we are able to offer what we call “turn-key” facility design and project management. With this approach Hawkins Engineering would assume complete responsibility for all project design, engineering and management functions from conception through start-up, acting as the “owner’s agent” to see that all aspects are completed on time, within budget and meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Advantages of Hawkins Engineering “Turn-key” Approach

  • Lower project cost achieved by placing more importance on the owners’ objectives than the contractor’s profits
  • Organization of a more focused and effective design team
  • Better communication between the owner and the design team means less distraction to the owner’s daily business
  • Better overall project quality and schedule control


Because we work with a variety of clients (some of whom are in competition with others) we fully respect each clients need for confidentiality regarding any sensitive information. Our long-term clients know this and the result is an atmosphere of trust that is critical to a productive business relationship.

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